Capitalizing on Change

Recent times have seen outsourcing come of age. This, coupled with economic forces has placed BPO buyers and providers at multiple tipping points. The following points of view elaborate on potential opportunities and challenges.

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Seven steps for effective enterprise-wide compliance

Many organizations fail at operationalizing compliance programs with in-house efforts because they don’t have the right people, processes, and supporting tools to manage regulations, contracts, standards, etc. The solution is ...


Global business services in a new world order – success drivers in emerging economies

Emerging market economies (EMEs) are significant for global enterprises looking to create new revenue streams. The reasons? Their huge untapped potential and large population. The prospects in EMEs are bright across many industries – ...


Process Progression Model: A holistic model to transform business process

When new markets emerge – business priorities change, competition increases, and so do challenges. Having managed large and complex processes for more than 150 clients – across global locations ...


Any content, anytime, anywhere, any device – Four aces in a winning strategy

The digital revolution is here to stay. Remember the time when portable players transformed music industry’s landscape? The 4 A's – any content, anytime, anywhere, any device – is today’s...


The workplace of tomorrow – The chaotic organization or organized chaos?

Just as the old gives way to the new, so will the workplace of today evolve. Imagine a workplace built to address the needs of new-age talent. A workplace where purpose transforms into self-actualization, distance gives way to camaraderie,...


Transform to the Human Resources Face of Tomorrow

Human resources leaders today face growing board room pressures to address talent scarcity, slowing growth, and skyrocketing Gen Y career expectations. Based on insights from HR...


Augmentative Outsourcing: New Ways to Support Contextual Functions and Strengthen Core Capabilities

A new wind called 'augmentative outsourcing' is blowing across the industry, and it is not about staff augmentation. What it is, in fact, is skill and capability augmentation that creates...


Unexplored Areas for Mature Buyers to Fuel Optimization and Growth

Mature buyers of business process outsourcing have already realized the benefits of labor arbitrage and efficiency gains. With top-line growth seeming elusive, their focus will now...


Unlocking Transformation Opportunities through Business Process Outsourcing

Today, five shifts are essential to unlock transformation opportunities. In a smarter organization, processes are standardized, not disparate. Operating models are ones that fit the best, not...


Unleashing the Power of Buyer-Provider Collaboration to Innovate and Co-create Value

Collaborative innovation between buyers and providers is key to moving beyond productivity gains. There are three approaches to collaborative innovation that are highly relevant today. One, going...


Finding the Right Business Model: A Combination of SaaS, BPO & Licensing Tailored for You

Many insurers are today considering transformation, enabled by IT and BPO, to address the exponential pace of change. But there’s always the danger of forming structures that cannot be easily...


Delivering Transformation by Creating the Right Internal Utilities

The creation of a process utility makes perfect business sense for financial institutions. However, its success will depend on choosing the right kind of utility, taking the right approach, and managing...


Enhancing Customer Experience with the Right BPO Model

The ever-changing boundaries between technology and process, regulation and innovation, changing customer expectations and company policies, have brought forth...


The 3-D take — perspectives on big shifts in business process outsourcing

Having moved up the value chain, the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is abuzz with possibilities presented by newer capabilities and engagement models. While the way forward consists in capitalizing on change, there are many perspectives on the present...


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