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  • Get more out of shared service centers

    July 11, 2014

    Vivek Sharma, Head – Global Sales and Marketing, Infosys BPO, believes that shared services will play a more strategic role in the future. In an interview with, Vivek details the BPO industry’s evolution and its journey to the next-generation BPO model.
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  • SMAC is changing the business process management industry

    June 09, 2014

    The business process management (BPM) sector is a rapidly evolving industry, currently growing at 12 percent annually. It is set to touch $50 billion by 2020 from the current $21 billion. In an exclusive interaction with CXOToday, Abraham Mathews, Chief Financial Officer, Infosys BPO, discusses the changing face of the BPM sector and how it can contribute positively to the country’s GDP in the coming years.
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  • Case for Puerto Rico BPO investment grows stronger with the arrival of Infosys

    May 20, 2014

    Puerto Rico’s growing importance and its responsiveness in attracting investors and industry giants makes it a hot destination for business. In this article in Nearshore Americas, Aniket Maindarkar, Head of Americas Operations, Infosys BPO, discusses Puerto Rico’s strengths as a nearshore BPO destination. Nearshore Americas is a news and research organization dedicated to outsourced business services and IT consulting industries of the Americas.
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  • The value-adds for a long-term career

    April 01, 2014

    In an article published in the Hindu Business Line, Raghavendra K., Vice President – HR, Infosys BPO, discusses the importance of a clearly defined career architecture in organizations to help professionals live out their aspirations. In the article, Raghavendra lists out the value-adds that organizations can provide their employees to help them build careers for life.
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  • Battling BPO blues

    March 05, 2014

    As Indian BPOs look at technology to help them deal with recessionary pressures, the Financial Express profiles Infosys BPO as a company that is moving up the value chain and offering end-to-end transformational services to customers
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