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Combine Processes with a Platform for Effective Contract Management

Global companies must establish procedures to streamline contract management by strategic partners. Systematic procedures enable a consolidated view of risk exposure and obligations across contract types, regions and services. Our expert...

Published with permission of India Business Law Journal


Platform BPO: The Future is Here

Global companies are looking beyond labor cost arbitrage and economies of scale from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers. According to Infosys BPO expert, they seek seamless global business processing in a cost-effective manner. However, companies face challenges...

Published with permission of The Economic Times


A Case for Business Transformation Outsourcing

Beyond the hype about transformation, real work is being delivered, says Imrana Khan in an article in . A telecom equipment provider improved inventory accuracy by 25% with approximately $7.9 million...

Published with permission of Global Services Media


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