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Infosys Business Platforms: A new paradigm in outsourcing

Infosys Business Platform

Business platforms from Infosys are an innovation in service delivery models. These platforms bundle business process outsourcing with a technology layer to create sustainable value for companies. Our business platforms offer end-to-end services on best-of-breed applications that are hosted, managed and maintained by Infosys. Our standardized offerings require minimal upfront investments and the cost is based on platform usage.



  • Improved technology adoption by users leading to increased return on investment from the application
  • Lower upfront investment and total cost of ownership over the lifecycle
  • Transformed cost structure from capital expenditure to operating expenditure
  • Faster deployment through pre-deployed solution
  • Access to best practices from different industry verticals
  • Secured infrastructure for continuous and reliable Web-based service delivery
  • Optimal service levels tracked for higher performance and effective response
  • Ensure access to the latest technology at minimal costs with continuous upgrades


Infosys-Everest Group webinar on multichannel selling

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