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Sales and Fulfillment

The Infosys BPO Sales and Fulfillment Practice offers solutions that impact your top-line by accelerating revenue enhancement through Sales Support Processes. We improve your profitability by better cost containment in the supply chain through Fulfillment Operations.

Infosys BPO's Industry Offerings

Our offerings focus on business metrics such as sales force productivity, working capital efficacy, revenue assurance and customer satisfaction, in addition to operational metrics such as order turnaround time, yield and accuracy.

Our suite of tools and enablers enhances process efficiency and reliability through business metrics that support your core sales and fulfillment processes.

We use our Global Delivery Model to serve clients through delivery centers in India, Mexico, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Poland, China, and The Philippines, offering services in all major European and Asian languages, in addition to English.

We support the entire Sales and Fulfillment cycle through the following offerings:

Infosys BPO's Sales and Fulfillment Operations

Infosys BPO's Sales and Fulfillment Operations

Our sales support offering helps enhance sales force effectiveness and productivity to ensure optimal use of sales staff and aid revenue enhancement. Our fulfillment operations support backs your core supply chain function, both forward and reverse supply chains, to minimize investment in working capital, enhance customer satisfaction and minimize revenue leakage, thereby reducing COGS.


One of the best partners we have ever had is Infosys

"One of the things that we really appreciate about our partners at Infosys is their ability to adapt and create new skills, to provide new customer care services for our partners, and scale that in a way that is dramatically better than what we can do ourselves."

- Mark Homan, Senior Director, Global Operations, Customer Service and Support Operations, Cisco

In focus: Sales and Fulfillment Solutions and Benefits

Challenges Solution Benefits
  • Disparate and non-standard processes
  • Exceptions driven by people and legacy systems vs. business rationale
  • Disparate technology systems and lack of information tracking
  • Standardization of processes and development of a global process backbone providing an end-to-end solution
  • Integrated delivery across process and technology
  • Solutions such as scanning and workflow solution enable better process flow at offshore location
  • Improves productivity
  • Ensures savings through labor arbitrage
  • Enhances revenue
  • Improves process efficiency
  • Adequate governance and visibility
  • Lack of focus on business metrics
  • Business metric-driven solution vs. focus on process metrics
  • Benchmarking-based approach measures efficacy of inter- and intra-industry standards in order processing and order management
  • Focus on continuous improvement and operational efficiency
  • Reduced day sales outstanding and data backup operation leading to working capital efficiency

Snapshot of Engagements

Client Sales and Fulfillment Processes Supported Benefits
Global network equipment manufacturer
  • Sales support
  • Order entry/ booking
  • Order administration
  • Contract management
  • Reverse logistics
  • Partner support management
  • Customer support
  • Leveraged Global Delivery Model
  • Developed a flexible and scalable back-end
  • Best-in-class processes and business transformation
Global electronic components and computer products distributor
  • Demand forecasting
  • Catalog management
  • Expedite management
  • Material/ Inventory planning
  • Order administration
  • Returns management
  • Best-in-class business transformation capabilities for supply chain metrics improvement
  • Leveraged Global Delivery Model
American media and publishing house
  • Advertisement and circulation order administration
  • Ad creation support
  • Advertising and circulation billing
  • Returns management
  • Technology enablers ensured improved process metrics
  • Established a Shared Service Center to consolidate processes from multiple locations
Consumer products major
  • Master data management
  • Order entry/ booking
  • Order administration
  • Customer support
  • Returns management
  • Leveraged Global Delivery Model to address language requirements
  • Robust front-end and back-end model of service
Global security solutions software provider
  • Order entry/ booking
  • Order administration
  • License management
  • Customer support
  • Returns management
  • Best-in-class processes and business transformation capabilities
  • Technology enablers improved process metrics
Infosys Sales and Fulfillment (S&F) Practice

Infosys BPO Sales & Fulfillment solutions impact a client's top-line through sales support processes that accelerate revenue enhancement, and cost containment by controlling Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) in the fulfillment and supply chain side of the business.


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