Service Offerings

Manufacturing is one of the largest industry offerings from Infosys BPO. It contributes approximately 40% of our revenues.

We serve over 20 global clients including 15 Fortune 500 clients from our network of delivery locations, based in India, China, Poland, Czech Republic, Philippines, Mexico, and Brazil. Our services span the entire value chain of hi-tech, industrial manufacturing, resources, automotive, aerospace, and discrete manufacturing companies. We are pioneers in combining process delivery capability with industry-specific solutions, to increase the value delivered through business process outsourcing.

We partner with manufacturing clients across the globe to create lean and flexible organizations. Our Global Delivery Model (GDM), technology-led differentiation, process improvement, focus on value creation for clients and their customers. Our manufacturing practice blends multi-disciplinary skills.

We offer outsourcing solutions for the following segments in manufacturing:

Infosys BPO's Service Offering in Manufacturing

We offer end-to-end business solutions through a combination of process and technology platforms spanning several business functions

Enabling Industrial Manufacturing Business Value
The Infosys BPO Advantage

Going Beyond Traditional BPO Enabling Business Value Addition
While we continue to reduce the Selling, General, and Administrative (SG&A) expenditure for clients, we are keen to rationalize their Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) expense and identify opportunities for revenue enhancement. We plan to achieve this by aligning with our channel partners and sales organizations.

We have developed a proprietary business value-added framework that focuses on impacting our client’s business metric.

Technology as a Multiplier

We help clients get more from their outsourcing investments by leveraging technology as a multiplier. Some of our technology solutions include:

Infosys Channel Support Solution (ICSS)
Infosys Return Management Solution (IRMS)
Infosys Inbound Supply Reconciliation Solution (ISRS)

We work in client ecosystems and develop industry-specific services to reduce cost. Some of the benefits delivered to our clients include:

  • 30-40% improvement in shared services costs by leveraging global delivery
  • Implementation of Toyota production line to improve productivity in a stable AP process by around 20% in a year
  • Improved license renewal accuracy by improving customer data accuracy
  • On-time payment performance increase to 89% from 72%
  • 27% reduction in unapplied cash

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