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  • Legal process outsourcing (LPO) moves up the value chain in 2014

    The world of legal process outsourcing (LPO) solutions has come a long way from Thomas Friedman’s ‘flattened’ view of 2005. No longer is it just about a lawyer sending out documents to a sprightly offshore team in the evening and coming back the next morning to find neatly-formatted first-level document reviews in his inbox. In fact, law firms and legal departments of large enterprises now find value in LPOs consulting on not just how to reduce their overall legal spend but also manage their overall risk and add process to their existing methodologies.

    One reason for this change is that legal decision makers and IT stakeholders are faced with an ever increasing amount of electronic information that is produced and stored. This equals rising data storage costs, which means doing more with less and strategizing a robust data organization and retention policy. One that is compliant with regulatory requirements for eDiscovery and record archiving. The rising volumes of data also lead to organizations losing sight of some of their obligations. LPO helps alleviate some of this risk.

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  • Trendspotter: Michael Sonsteng
    Strategic Practice Head – Legal Process Outsourcing, Infosys BPO

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