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Equal Opportunities

Infosys BPO is committed to creating a comprehensive workforce by encouraging employees to focus on their commonalities. Infosys BPO envisions a diverse and inclusive work environment. Employees from various backgrounds have the opportunity to participate, develop, and contribute freely and equitably. We believe that diversity can be institutionalized as a strategy in the organizational fabric.

Sign language interpreter at World Disability Day – December 3, 2010

Infosys BPO has won the prestigious Helen Keller Award for its path-breaking initiative to create an inclusive work environment for people with disabilities, in an effort to help them have meaningful careers.

Chief guest for WDD 2010, Prof. M. K. Sridhar, with other dignitaries

The Disability Initiative of Infosys BPO began in 2005. The Equal Opportunity team strives to create a platform where people with disabilities are hired and successfully nurtured to their full potential and capabilities by setting up processes and systems, which make the work environment truly inclusive. This has been made possible through the efforts of many individuals.

Special Spark conducted for the hearing impaired students with hearing impaired Infosys BPO employees as volunteers

Infosys BPO has been recruiting people with disabilities on a regular basis, and as their numbers and roles increased, various systems and processes were adapted to facilitate these employees. With more employees being hired under this scheme, the initiative gained further visibility within the organization.

Infosys BPO volunteers at Special Spark

To ensure that employees with disabilities are seamlessly integrated into the team, sensitization programs are held regularly for the teams, team leads, and managers. These programs help create a supportive environment for the employees, which, in turn, helps them perform to their fullest potential.

Every year, Infosys BPO celebrates 'World Disability Day' to increase awareness about the Disability Initiative. It is an occasion to felicitate employees with disabilities for their exceptional performance, and also provides an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the managers and teams who have supported the initiative.

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