Robotic Process Automation

Case Studies

Infosys RPA Successes

Making order management touchless. Ensuring sales reporting is effortless. Unifying purchase order generation processes. Putting virtual robots to the task for IT incident management. These are some of the automation successes we've delivered for large clients across industries. And RPA is already delivering impressive results for them - take a look at some of these client cases.

A leading hi-tech company

Here’s how a leading hi-tech company tackled the challenge of complex order management process. The process demanded toggling over 12 screens and high manual ...


A CPG major

Complex data transformation and reporting operations for sales orders were posing serious challenges for a CPG major . However, automating the processes ...


An aircraft equipment manufacturer

A leading aircraft equipment manufacturer was lagging behind due to inefficient order management processes. once they automated certain processes, it helped them unify ...


A telco manufacturer

A leading telco manufacturer had to increase the efficiency of its IT operational support services systems that process over 5 million orders a year. They automated ...


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